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New Parts

LSI can supply parts for four-stroke Diesel and Biodiesel engines for both naval and industrial use. Our parts are readily available from our extensive stock or upon specific request in a short timeframe.
  • We provide consumable spares such as:

    • Cylinder liners
    • Pistons
    • Piston rings
    • Exhaust valves
    • Injection
    • High pressure pipes for injection systems
    • Main and connecting rod bearings and a wide variety of components to complete four
    • Stroke diesel engine maintenance
  • In our warehouses we have a wide range of spare parts for the engines:

    • GMT 230 – 420
    • Isotta Fraschini ID36 – ID32
    • Wartila 26 – 32 – 46
    • Deutz MWM  628 – 604 – 620 – 2020

    Note: the names and brands of engines are to be considered descriptive and do not imply the origin of the materials that will be specified from time to time during the offer or contract phase.



Fuel, Oil and Air filters.


Gaskets & Seals

Flat Cut

We build cut gaskets made of the best materials on the market. Currently we have over 3300 different gaskets shapes in our catalogue.

Metal & Plastic

Gaskets made of metal sandwiches (ferrous and non-ferrous) padded with asbestos-free joints to withstand high temperatures. Suitable for exhaust manifolds and for applications where high temperature makes the use of cut gaskets prohibitive.

Metal Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spirometallic gaskets AISI 316/Graf for applications for the petrochemical sector and exhaust manifolds.

Rubber and Plastic Materials

O Rings, Silicone and Nylon NBR, FPM and PTFE bushes and lip seals.


Turned Gaskets

We produce gaskets turned in copper, soft copper & iron gaskets, ect

Turned Pieces and Castings

Turned and cast parts
Construction of connecting elements starting from solid or from castings designed according to the drawings or samples.